«И стал я разглядывать и вдруг увидел какие-то странные лица. Все это были странные, чудные фигуры, вполне прозаические, вовсе не Дон Карлосы и Позы, а вполне титулярные советники...»
"Дневник писателя"


A man of genius, a creative person is always very attractive both to his contemporaries and descendants. What kind of man was he? How did the unusual natural gifts imprint in his looks? How do they differ, those selected ones, from the ordinary people among whom they live? What is the connection between the character of a great person and his works? These question have been and will be put by various people, from ordinary readers to scientists, specialists on psychology of creative work and artists of the next generations who experienced the effect of the creative work of their great predecessor.

Dostoevsky with the eyes of his contemporaries and descendants