«И стал я разглядывать и вдруг увидел какие-то странные лица. Все это были странные, чудные фигуры, вполне прозаические, вовсе не Дон Карлосы и Позы, а вполне титулярные советники...»
"Дневник писателя"

Dostoevsky in Cinema

The Museum’s videolibrary contains recordings of various films and performances based on the works of F.M.Dostoevsky, as well as films connected with the writer’s life and career. The videolibrary was created as a research resource for the Museum's associates, and also for the non-commercial showing of videotapes at conferences, seminars, and other gatherings in the Museum. The films in the collection of video recordings were either presented to the Museum by their creators, ordered from the television archives of various studios, taped from television, or simply bought in stores. A partial catalogue of the video collection is available on-line.