«И стал я разглядывать и вдруг увидел какие-то странные лица. Все это были странные, чудные фигуры, вполне прозаические, вовсе не Дон Карлосы и Позы, а вполне титулярные советники...»
"Дневник писателя"


Dostoevsky Day 2014

The 5th Dostoevsky Day will be celebrated on July 5, 2014. The main events will take place on Kuzhechny Lane 5, near the Dostoevsky Museum (outdoors).

Preliminary program of events organized by Dostoevsky Museum
during the Dostoevsky Day:

12.00-15.00 Street festival "Dostoevsky on Kuznechny"
12.00: Flashmob at the Dostoevsky monument (Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str., 1)
12.15: Procession from the Dostoevsky monument to the Dostoevsky house (Kuznechny Lane, 5/2)
12.15-15.00: Street show by the puppet theatre "Puppet Format"
12.15-15.00: Living statues presenting Dostoevsky Characters near the Dostoevsky Monument (Bolshaya Moskovskaya str.,1)
12.30 and 14.00: Street show by FMD-Theatre
15.00: Flower-laying ceremony at the Dostoevsky Monument (Bolshaya Moskovskaya Str.,1)

The festival’s program is being verified and the definitive program will be posted on the museum website at the end of May

Contact: dostoevsky.museum@gmail.com, +7 921 977 43 00
Dostoevsky Day Facebook: facebook.com/groups/dostoevskyday
Photos of Dostoevsky Day 2013 by Bob Oeloff


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