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Dostoevsky Day 4 July 2015

City Festival 
Dostoevsky Day 

4 July,  2015

The main event of the “Year of Literature” in St. Petersburg, Dostoevsky Day, will take place on 4 July, 2015.  

Many museums, theaters and libraries will traditionally take part in this unusual literary holiday. This year the main venues of the Festival are Nevsky Prospect, Manezhnaya Square and Malaya Konushennaya Street.

The Dostoevsky Day festival opens on the evening of July 3 with the program “On the Eve of Dostoevsky Day” in which will participate the Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House and the Lermontov Library. In the Fountain House courtyard and in the Friendship Courtyard will be presented installations, performances, film programs, phantasmagoric callouts of the XIXth and XXth century, etc.

The main events of the Festival will take place on July 4.

At 12:00 is the laying of flowers and candle lighting in honor of our most Petersburg writer in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra’s Artists’ Necropolis (Tikhvin Cemetery).

The Festival’s spotlight will be on the 150th anniversary of the novel Crime and Punishment. At 13.00 on Manezhnaya Square there will be a screening of the novel’s adaptation directed by Dmitry Svetozarov (2007). And in the shopping window of the BOOKVOED bookstore (Nevsky 46) all willing to do so will be able to take part in the “people’s reading” of the novel’s first edition, have one’s picture taken with the novel’s characters and receive a rare anniversary postcard.

At 14.00 starts the now popular program “The Youth to Dostoevsky”: on Nevsky Prospect and around Vladimirskaya and Sennaya Squares young Dostoevsky specialists will take anyone interested to the addresses connected with Dostoevsky’s life and work.

At 14.00 on Vladimirskaya Square next to the Dostoevsky monument there will be a literary flashmob. At the same time, writers and literary characters will appear on Nevsky prospect, Malaya Konushennaya Street and Manezhnaya Square. The two latter venues will feature the performances “People’s Classics” by the Open Space Theatre, “The Cherry Orchard” by BITKOM theatre , “The Foam of Days” by Engineering Theatre AKHE and “The Russian Field of Utopia” by the Theatrical Investigation Bureau.

Unique programs on July 4 will be presented by the City Sculpture Museum, the Russian Museum, the Raznochinny Petersburg Museum, the Mayakovsky Public City Library, the Pushkin Children’s Library , The Book Graphic’s Library, the Children’s Library of St. Petersburg History and Culture.

At 18.00 on Manezhnaya Square will take place the performance by the FMD-Theatre "On an exceptionally hot evening early in July" with the participation of leading St. Petersburg actors and the famous Billy’s Band.

The Dostoevsky Day program will be presented on the Dostoevsky Museum website and the Dostoevsky Day website that will launch in mid-June.

Chief curator of Dostoevsky Day, 2015 is the Dostoevsky Museum


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Participants of Dostoevsky Day 2015:

State Russian Museum
Anna Akhmatova Museum
State Museum of City Sculpture
Memorial Museum "Raznochinny Petersburg"
Mayakovsky City Public Library
Lermontov Library
Book Graphic's LIbrary

Pushkin Children LIbrary
Children's Library of St.Petersburg History & Culture

Engineering Theatre AKHE
Theatre "Puppet Format"
Theatre Company "Open Space"
Theatre "BITKOM"
Theatrical Investigation Bureau

Billy's Band

 Contact: dostoevsky.museum@gmail.com, +7 921 977 43 00

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