«И стал я разглядывать и вдруг увидел какие-то странные лица. Все это были странные, чудные фигуры, вполне прозаические, вовсе не Дон Карлосы и Позы, а вполне титулярные советники...»
"Дневник писателя"


Exhibition "The Writers Schooling"

Dostoevsky Museum

25 December 2016 - 14 March 2017


The contemporary educational system is undergoing changes, but the introduction of newfangled innovations doesn’t seem to bear fruit. New programs seem surprisingly primitive; abridged and simplified textbooks lower the cultural bar and are not conducive to augmenting interest in knowledge and self-education.

This small exhibition about the education in the 19th century certainly doesn't pretend to solve the problems of modern education. The exhibition «The Writers’ Schooling» provides information about how and where great Russian writers were educated and to what extent it is true that they «all meandered though their schooling haphazardly»?

Without the modern arsenal of communication media, television and the Internet, 19th-century writers knew, often perfectly, several foreign languages, easily found their bearings in history and were remarkably conversant with world culture. Out of the fifteen writers featured in the exhibition only a handful were good students. Some had to repeat a year or drop out of the university. But all received excellent home education, were educating themselves and read a lot. «Reading is the best learning,» wrote Pushkin to his brother. «I am reading with mad avidity and reading affects me in a strange way,» continued Dostoevsky, «I can reread something read long ago and, as if with an influx of new strength, suddenly understand it clearly, comprehend it to the core, and myself extract the skill of creating...»

The exhibition is comprised of two parts. One features lithographs, engravings and photographs that present the places where the writers were born, grew up and were educated. The other, stylized to represent a classroom, is where museum associates, playing the roles of instructing mentors, will teach young visitors to read the manuscripts of the classics and introduce them to the basics of calligraphy (the master class called «Rewriting Tolstoy and Dostoevsky»). And in the master class «Let us Compose a Fairytale Together,» the visitors will be able to try their hand at making their own tale, following Tolstoy’s and Dostoevsky’s peculiar instructions on why and how to create literary works for children.

The exhibition has been created with the participation of the Literary museum of the Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the National Library of Russia, the State Hermitage Museum, the State Russian Museum (St Michael's Castle), the Ivan Turgenev Memorial  Estate «Spasskoe-Lutovinovo», the Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy «Yasnaya Polyana», the Sergey Aksakov Memorial House-Museum in Ufa, the Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps, the Alexander Griboedov Museum-Reserve «Khmelita», the Mikhail Lermontov Museum-Preserve «Tarkhany», the National Pushkin Museum, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum in Spas-Ugol.

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