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Information for Visitors

"Aquaphor" Corporation
Beginning in 1996, a permanent sponsor of the Museum has been the Aquaphor Corporation (director Alexander Liberman). Aquaphor Corporation financed the work on the creation of a new literary exposition to mark the 175th anniversary of F.M.Dostoevsky's birth. The Corporation served the Russian sponsor during the preparation and installation of the exhibit "Dostoevsky: Known and Unknown" in Belgium (1998). Aquaphor supported the publication of the booklet for the exhibit "Journeys with Dostoevsky" and the catalogue of the famous Polish film and theatre director Andrzej Wajda held at the Dostoevsky Museum "Dostoevsky: Theatre of Conscience". The Aquaphor Corporation also supported the creation of the performance "Ibsen-Strindberg" of the FMD-Theatre (Theatre of Dostoevsky Museum), as well as other performances of the FMD-Theatre.

Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)
A large role in the realization of Museum projects has been played by grants received from the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), which has financed the following programs: Internet access at the Dostoevsky Museum (1997); publication of the collected materials of the scholarly conference "Dostoevsky and World Culture" (1998); realization of the exhibit "Dostoevsky's Journeys" and creation of a CD-ROM on this topic; organization and hosting of the conference "Dostoevsky and World Culture" (1998); publication of a booklet on seven Dostoevsky Museums; realization of the project "Dostoevsky and Andrzej Wajda", and others. The Open Society Institute's grant support has been an important factor in the Museum's development and in strengthening of its contacts both within Russia and beyond its borders.

Norwegian Society of Friends of the Petersburg Dostoevsky Museum
The Norwegian Society of Friends of the Petersburg Dostoevsky Museum created on initiative of the Norwegian writer and journalist Peter Waage, supported the publication of the guidebook of Dostoevsky Museum in Russian and English languages, as well as the English edition of the booklet "Seven Dostoevsky's Museums. The Society played a very important role in the creation of the theatre hall at the Dostoevsky Museum.

Company "Digital Arts Aspen" (USA)
The exhibit "Dostoevsky's Image" (2002) and the computer programs accompanying the exhibit were created with the financial and professional creative support of Charles Abbott, creative director of the Company Digital Arts Aspen, USA.

Government of the KIngdom of Norway
For the 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg the Government of the KIngdom of Norway made a royal gift to the Dostoevsky Museum by providing money for the creation of theatre-concert hall of the Dostoevsky Museum and the acquisition of the necessary technical equipment.


Radisson Sonya Hotel
In 2010 the
owners of the Radisson Sonya Hotel provided money for repair works on Dostoevsky Museum's backstairs. The repair works on the Museum's backstairs wouldn't be possible without this substancial aid. More