«И стал я разглядывать и вдруг увидел какие-то странные лица. Все это были странные, чудные фигуры, вполне прозаические, вовсе не Дон Карлосы и Позы, а вполне титулярные советники...»
"Дневник писателя"



Dostoevsky loved theatre, he used to see performances, concerts, openings, was on friendly terms with actors. In his essays there are critical reviews, characters from his novels often play scenes, present theatre. During his whole life, Dostoevsky wanted to create a drama, but he didn't write any play. The formula "Theatre of Dostoevsky" is well-known. The Dostoevsky Museum and the White Theatre realized it literally. The traditional "black-box", equipped with the assistance of the Norwegian Government with modern equipment, became a wonderful space for presentation of scenic versions of works by Dostoevsky, Gogol, Ibsen, contemporary authors. In this hall various Petersburg theatres present their productions, as well as theatres from other cities and countries.

Main theatre partner of the Dostoevsky Museum – the White Theatre.
Two theatres permanently playing their performances on museum's stage -
Theatre "Puppet format" and Takoy Theatre.